The Benefits of Group Private Air Charters for MICE Events

What is the meaning of MICE?

The term MICE in business – as opposed to zoology – refers to Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions, and is often considered as business tourism taken to the next level. Group MICE travel and MICE air charters, at least before the world was hit by a global pandemic, was considered an industry within an industry.

To simplify the whole concept, MICE simply concerns any event that brings together groups from a single company, or a whole industry in one place. We can consider, industry showcase exhibitions, annual conferences, trade shows, or even team-building events as coming under the MICE umbrella.

Corporate MICE events usually require the expertise of highly-trained professionals and project managers to make all of the pieces come together. Organizing MICE business travel arrangements for groups from half a dozen to over a hundred takes all of the skills of a well-seasoned travel agent.

Into that mix, add organizing accommodation, food, entertainment, conference passes, stage designs and speakers’ running orders, ground transport, advertising, marketing, and even a welcome drink on arrival, it’s fair to say that MICE organizers and managers deserve every penny they earn.

But before we go any further, let’s take a quick look at what MICE events are.

Meetings – Any gathering of a large group of people to share knowledge, news, and ideas is the backbone of most corporate structures. However, for this MICE meeting to be successful, the attendees who may be traveling from multiple locations, need to get there quickly, safely, and arrive relaxed and refreshed. That’s where specialist MICE private jet charter companies can ease the workload of overburdened MICE meetings’ managers.

Incentives – MICE incentives are often regarded as the carrot that drives the horse. Many businesses use incentives, such as a team-building event at a luxury spa or getaway destination, a visit to a sister company in combination with a weekend in a major entertainment destination, or just a just trip away to say thank you for a job well done.

Conferences – Corporate or industry conferences generally involve bringing large groups of people from one corporation or industry together to discuss the latest trends and news, and to network with like-minded professionals. MICE conference travel charter flights are the most stress-free way of organizing travel for large groups of people in comfort and safety – especially in pandemic times.

Exhibitions – If an industry has news to share or a product to showcase, outside of the mainstream media, exhibitions are usually where it all happens. Exhibitions, trade shows, and fairs are an ideal way of highlighting a company or an industry’s achievements, attracting new clients, networking with industry colleagues, or even taking a glimpse at what your competitors are up to. Once again, exhibitions usually mean moving a lot of people to the same destination in comfort and safety, all of which are the food and drink of professional air charter companies.

The benefits of air charter for MICE events

MICE and other group event air charters offer a host of benefits for the organizers and the attendees alike. For one, in a world ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic, traveling by private air charter to MICE corporate events is a practical solution to avoiding congested and unhygienic airports, and may even be more financially rewarding than booking tickets for a large group of executives flying in first- or business class.

MICE and events tourism are a big business where many companies employ the use of private jet charters as the first point of marketing and self-promotion. While some companies use the opportunity of having a captive audience for several hours to promote their business through items like branded headrests, in-flight entertainment, or offering free marketing material, other companies go the whole hog and have the aircraft itself decked out in their very own corporate livery.

But what are the other big wins for MICE private jet charters?

Time is the currency of business

Getting to and from airports takes time. Making your way through long security lines takes even more time. Waiting for a flight, that may eventually be delayed or canceled entirely, takes time, and in the world of big business time ultimately means money. Private MICE air charters can give you back a lot of that time, and save you money in the long run by simplifying the whole process. For corporate group MICE and other events, private jet charters provide a reliable door-to-door service, getting you and your guests directly to where you want to go without all the hold-ups associated with commercial scheduled flights.

Private MICE charter flights can save you money

You may not think it, but private charters for MICE and other events might even save you money. Imagine the cost of hosting 50 executives on a scheduled flight for a one-day industry event – and they all demand to fly first-class. Once they get there, they’re going to want to stay overnight – in the best hotel of course. Then, they have to be fed and entertained, and guess who’s footing the bill. And finally, you have to get them all back home again on another expensive flight.

With a private jet charter, everyone travels together without the delays of busy airports, and once the event is finished, everyone can travel home again on the same day. And what many MICE organizers forget is that whether 20 people or 50 people are traveling on a large business jet, the cost will be the same.

For those who value their privacy

A private charter flight to attend a MICE event can be an opportunity for people to get to know each other, network, and even do business, in private. Privacy may not seem like a big factor, but if it matters to your company and your executives, a private jet charter is exactly that; private.

Flexible itineraries for MICE guests

Whatever you can think of, an experienced private jet charter company can usually make it happen. From corporate aircraft livery, specially designed menus, and luxury ground transfers to extra baggage space or multiple destinations, private jets offer the greatest flexibility when organizing the transport arrangements for a group traveling to MICE meetings, incentives, conventions, or exhibitions. Plus, you don’t even have to use large airports which might be located far from the event you plan to attend, private jets can choose from hundreds, if not thousands of smaller airports, private airfields, and landing strips right across Europe that might provide extra convenience for you and your MICE guests, plus, your guests get to arrive fresh, relaxed, and ready to do business.

Take advantage of a special occasion

Let’s be honest, not everyone gets to take a private jet flight in their lifetime. A MICE event might be the perfect time for a company, corporation, government department, or any other group of co-workers to celebrate an occasion. It may be a significant company anniversary, a major milestone might have been passed, or a new ground-breaking product might be about to be launched, any one of which could be used as a great reason to reward the people behind the achievement. Bringing a group of people together for a MICE event using a private jet charter is not likely to be forgotten by a loyal workforce. And, a good marketing or PR team could make the most out of the whole occasion.

Birds of a feather stick together

If you’re relying on a large group of people to attend an event in… let’s say Rome, at 10 am next Friday, how many of them will be delayed or miss the event entirely. It might not be their fault, but cars break down, trains and busses are delayed, and the weather can ruin even the best-made plans. By keeping your people together with a private air charter, your MICE event can go ahead without a hitch. Plus, as we’ve mentioned earlier, a private jet can offer greater peace of mind regarding health and safety in a pandemic world.

Meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions

For group travel to MICE events, the benefits we’ve outlined might be enough to convince you that a private jet charter is a way to go. Your first stop should be to find a suitably qualified charter partner; someone with the experience and the professionals who know the business and MICE tourism inside and out. And now, as prices are decreasing for private jet hire, the benefits are far more accessible to far more organizations than ever before, making the jobs of MICE planners far easier.