E.A. Smiroldo Has Written a Fantastic First Novel That She Desires to Share With All the World

The authoress recently participated in an interview about her book, The Silent Count, which is doing well with online sales.

What authors did you go to for inspiration when writing your first book?

Jane Austen, she thinks, has had a considerable influence on her writing. She regularly succeeds in creating a fictitious character that is highly relatable, particularly to young ladies our age and her own. Her feminine avatars support everything a modern woman should appreciate, such as independence, romanticism, and a never-ending pursuit of their interests. She wrote caustic and hilarious works, which was unique for her day. 

One of the first things Smiroldo noticed about the ladies in her love stories was their independence and determination. “Give a woman an education and properly expose her to the world, and ten to one that she has the means of settling comfortably, without further expenditure to anybody,” Austen advises. Despite the fact that she writes novels about romance and men, she shows today’s young girls and women that they have other possibilities than only romance and men. 

Women are capable of being bold and self-sufficient, thus they do not need a guy to thrive in the world. Not in the feminist sense.

This is precisely what women need to believe in, according to the author, at a time when there are sexist women who rely on their attractiveness to get them through life’s challenges. Women are stabilized by their education and links to the outside world, not by the men in whom they place their trust. Men are often utilized solely as filler.

I think you work as a professional songwriter and musician as well?

“Yes,” she says. She states that she likes playing the guitar the most and that she regularly plays for up to seven hours every day. She penned all of the song lyrics and performed every guitar solo on the music to her novel The Silent Count.

She states that as long as she can play her music, she never has writer’s block because it helps her concentrate on bringing the rough parts in the story into focus.

The Silent Count, written by E. A. Smiroldo, is now available via Solstice Publishing, Amazon, and other book distributors. For further information, see E. A. Smiroldo’s webpage.

E. A. Smiroldo is a nuclear engineer, writer, and performer with a wide range of viewpoints. Given how near mankind is to a catastrophic climatic disaster, she is adamant about emphasizing the need of mutual trust and love.Engineering is E. A. Smiroldo’s field of study. And she formerly made a successful career of it. In the nuclear sector.

She has earned literary awards from the Bethesda Literary Festival and the International Screenwriters’ Dig, and she has been nominated for a Washington Area Music Association Award as a singer-songwriter. She optioned the treatment for her script with X-ray Media after submitting the latter.

Visit E. A. Smiroldo’s website to learn more about her and her first book, The Silent Count.